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Wed Zen with Brittiny Gibson

Wed Zen is your sanctuary for discovering ways to stay calm, centered, and at peace during the wedding journey. We offer a treasure trove of ideas, tips, and practices to keep the chaos at bay, embracing the beauty of the planning process.

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19 July 2024

Creating Pinterest-Worthy Tablescapes for Wedding

In the final espisode of Season 1, Brittiny chats with Malissa from Savoir Event Rentals about the design elements you didn't know that you needed to create a Pinterest worthy dinner table. Malissa explains the role of her company in providing specialized tabletop items like dinnerware and glassware to create visually appealing wedding setups. The discussion delves into the ways couples can personalize their table settings by incorporating colors, unique designs, and custom pieces that reflect their style. Malissa also shares tips on mixing and matching tabletop elements to stay within budget while achieving an elegant look. The episode emphasizes the growing trend of customization in all aspects of wedding planning.

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12 July 2024

Another Trip Around the Sun: A Year of Lessons & Transformation

Brittiny Gibson of the Wed Zen podcast shares her transformative journey over the past year to commemorate her birthday. She discusses the difficulties and rewards of quitting alcohol, which she felt was no longer beneficial to her life. Emphasizing the importance of healthy habits like meditation and physical activity. She also reflects on the emotional aspects of her work as a wedding planner, highlighting memorable moments and challenges. This episode encourages listeners to identify and release unhelpful habits to achieve mental and emotional well-being.



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05 July 2024

Walking on Water: Unique Wedding Ideas

In this episode, Brittiny and "unofficial co-host" Heather, discuss the emerging trends of the wedding industry. Ideas like incorporating tattoo artists, hosting the ceremony in the ocean, to firework conclusions. These unique ideas promise unforgettable memories and incredible photo ops for your guests.



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28 June 2024

Harvesting Love: A Holistic Approach to Wedding Planning

In this episode of the Wed Zen podcast, Brittiny explores the intersection of wellness and wedding planning. Featuring special guest, Elyssa Eaton, content writer for vitacost, who embodies a natural lifestyle. This episode delves into the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it provides sustained energy. Additionally, discover how to incorporate these wellness principles into planning a wedding, from choosing a vegan menu to maintaining a stress-free approach. This episode offers inspiration and practical advice for couples looking to embrace a healthier, more balanced life.

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21 June 2024

Avoiding Stationary Stress: Major Insights from the SMP Studio

In this episode of the Wed Zen podcast, host Brittiny Gibson explores the intricate world of custom wedding invitations with Lorena, owner of Script Me Pretty. Lorena shares the challenges and excitement of using her vintage 1920s letterpress machine, the importance of timelines, and the difference between custom invitations and mass-produced options. Listeners will gain valuable insights into planning their wedding stationery, the reasons behind specific timelines, and the benefits of a personalized approach to crafting memorable wedding invites.

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14 June 2024

Mastering the Art of Wedding Design: Insights from Two Industry Pros

In this episode, Brittiny has an enthusiastic conversation with Rachael, owner of I Dew Events, a full service floral and rental company. Rachael gives insight on design budgets and what couples should expect to spend on their wedding design. She also informs us of the logistics and cost behind repurposing florals in the design. Her advice for couples to stay zen: trust your planner!

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